About Tuned Up Brewery

Tuned Up Brewing Co is owned by Clint Tichnell & Jeremy Burke. The two met in 2007 when they both ran fire & ems at Trappe Fire Co in PA. They began home brewing together almost immediately. After about a year or so of small batch brewing they began to build a brew system to brew larger batches and eventually could do 20gallons at a time. Shortly after acquiring some 25gal Blichman Fermenators they began to do marathon brew sessions where they’d start early in the AM and brew all day. Ending up with 4-5 different beers in the fermenters and buckets. One day while entertaining friends, family and neighbors, they realized there was a huge interest in their beers. So they decided they would jump into the beer business. A few years later and after much govt red tape, Tuned Up Brewing Co opened it’s doors on March 1st, 2016