Last Updated 3/14/2019
The Scorned Woman, 6.5% abv, $6.50
She knows… and she’s mad. You didn’t cover your tracks. This IPA is more of an hybrid style combining
west coast bitterness with east coast juiciness. . We use 4 different types of hops in profile. An easy
starting beer for those new to IPAs, but should be enough for Hop Heads to enjoy.
Nightmare in Belgium 16.5% abv, $10 8oz Limit 2
Big Bold and very approachable for the strength. Notes of fruit and spice finishing with a caramelized
sugar finish. A Nightmare to remember.
Hatchet, Ax, and Saw, 9% ABV, $7
Belgian Golden Strong ale with Maple syrup added at full Krausen, So the maples formed a union and
demanded equal rights ‘The oaks are just too greedy We will make them give us light’. Now there’s no
more oak oppression for they passed a noble law, and the trees are all kept equal by hatchet, Ax, And saw
No’Shenanigans Ale, 5.5% ABV, $5
A classic Irish red ale named for our favorite local Irish band The O’Shenanigans. You don’t have to be Irish
to enjoy it. Even the Germans and Italians can imbibe freely.
The Proper Cherry, 9.5% ABV, $7
Another Fruity version of our love me 3 times Triple. This time fermented on Sweet cherries.
Belgian Quad: ABV- 11.5%, $8
When you wake up some morning in an alleyway in downtown Bruges and all you have on you is a few
coins, someone else’s passport and a woman’s brazier with her number written on it, you’ll know you had
one too many Quads. This warm, copper colored ale is more of a true Abbey style with notes of pepper and
a touch of sweetness. Higher in carbonation but
finishes smooth.